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Sound InsulationWith a proven-track record in the acoustic sound insulations sector, Powell Insulation provide a wide range of high quality acoustic sound insulations products for all types of acoustic installations.

All of our advertised products are carefully selected and tested to rigorous standards, so regardless of the size and shape of your acoustic natural environment, Powell Insulation will provide a cost effective option focused on meet your requirements and budget for sound insulations.

All our acoustic consultants are highly experienced and receive continuous external and in-house training to keep their skills in this ever changing industry sharp and up to date. To make sure we always stay on top of our game, we also have an ongoing system of analyzing the results from our sound testing, which provides invaluable research into how well various products work as well as providing valuable feedback for our design performance.

Subterranean train engines, vehicles, machines and equipment are usually types of vibration in properties and structures. Failure to check these factors in building engineering may have severe effects for property owners and the occupants. At Powell Insulation we offer you design alternatives for properties backed up by a detailed selection of anti-vibration and sound control solutions.

The ever greater complexity of recent building with its emphasis on variety, style of architectural structure, and quality of living environment has taken a rise in understanding of the growing complications of sound transmission within building structures.

Performance in architectural style often means lighter construction, construction which is more vulnerable to the transmission of undesirable sound and vibration through construction elements. Heating system, ventilating and air conditioning devices, elevator drive units, focused occupational actions in entertainment and meeting areas, swimming pools, and also other useful areas produce noise and vibration which have to be limited from passing into the construction structure for transmission to adjacent areas.

Sound Insulation

And, in vitally quiet spaces just like concert halls, medical centers, TV and broadcasting studios where exterior noise must be ruled out, style of the building envelope to remove all oscillation and noise interference is an important element of the development process.

Specific sound insulation solutions for building elements include:

[su_list icon=”icon: paper-plane-o” icon_color=”#f05931″]

  • Isolation of mechanical devices – rubber, spring and air mounts for oscillation and sound control.
  • Concrete floating floor surfaces – decrease of noise, impact and low regularity oscillation.
  • Isolating ceilings – improved architectural ceilings and also noise barrier.
  • Wall structure isolation – created for decrease of both impact noise and transmission of airboarne sound in frame, block and tilt-up wall construction.
  • Building Isolators – for support of entire structures. [/su_list]


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